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Forest Fire Hazard

The forest fire hazard is listed for the different Quetico entry stations. Choose the one that is closest to your point of entry.

The current forest fire hazard in Quetico on Aug. 15, 2016:

Atikokan		 	LOW
Dawson Trail	  	LOW
Cache Bay LOW
Lac La Croix LOW
Prairie Portage LOW
Beaverhouse LOW
To see the regional forest fire hazard go to: 
LOW - Ignition of forest fuels will be difficult, spread potential limited. No control problems.
MODERATE - Grasses, dry branches and logging slash will easily ignite. Spread to adjacent fuels would be slow.
Control of the fire may be difficult. Take normal precautions.
HIGH - Most forest lands will ignite easily and spread rapidly. Control would be difficult. 
Restrictions to public may be in effect.
EXTREME - The forests are dry and explosive. Sparks will ignite fuels and spread would be rapid; virtually
impossible to control. Restrictions will almost certainly be in effect.

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