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Visitor Orientation

Quetico as a wilderness park is managed to protect and maintain the environment in its wild and natural state.

When you register for your permit you will be given an "in person" orientation to the park rules and regulations and also to best practices for traveling in Quetico's wilderness.

You are a visitor to this space and your place is not to conquer or own it; but to act as a care-taker of this magnificient place. Please play your part in the preservation of Quetico Park for future generations by following these no trace camping guidelines for the interior:

Group Size: Keep your group size small. If your group size is near or at nine people, make two reservations so that you can split up and travel separately. You will increase your enjoyment of the park, decrease your impact on park resources and enhance the wilderness experience of others.

Quiet Please: To ensure that you and other canoeists have an enriched wilderness experience, please remember that sound travels great distances across the water. Your chances of seeing wildlife are better if you and your group camp and travel quietly.

Can & Bottle Ban:  Non-burnable, disposable food and beverage containers are not allowed.

Fish Remains: Leave fish entrails on an exposed rock or island far away from any campsite or deposit them in deep water.

The Scoop on Poop: Please take extra care in selecting and covering your latrine area. Be sure to select a spot that is at least 30 metres from your camp and the shoreline. Remove the sod layer and dig a hole, 10 to 15 cm or 4 to 6 inches deep. Immediately after use replace the soil and put the sod back.  Animals will dig up toilet paper if it isn't buried properly. We encourage visitors to incinerate their toilet paper in a hot campfire.

Garbage: Please help to keep Quetico Park clean. Use our yellow garbage bags or bring your own bag to pack out both your own and other garbage you may find along the way. Please pay particular attention to foil, twist ties, cigarette butts, discarded fishing line,  and other small pieces that tend to be overlooked or accidentally dropped.

Drinking Water: Please bathe and wash dishes far away from water sources and if possible in a pit. This will give your biodegradable soap time to break down before reaching the water, ensuring we have clean drinking water in the future.

Don't Depend on Fire: Camp stoves heat up more quickly and if you happen to camp during a fire ban or wet weather, then you are sure to have a hot meal. This also helps to save damage done to trees undergrowth and avoid increased human impact on the campsite. If you need firewood, please use bark and branches that have fallen; please do not cut down trees.

Leave Only Footprints: When locating a campsite, please use the established fire rings. Please don't dig a second one or dig trenches around your tent. This disturbs the top soil and leads to erosion. Remember it is against park law to remove, cut or damage any living vegetation including trees, shrubs, wildflowers, mosses and lichens.

Our Living History: Please help to preserve Quetico's unique Natural and Cultural Heritage by leaving archaeological, historical and pictograph sites undisturbed. It is against the law to disturb or remove things from the park, including native artefacts, antlers, rocks and plants. Try to stay at least 250 metres from nests to ensure that they remain undisturbed. Quetico's pictographs are fading so please do not touch the paintings; oil and perspiration can accelerate the deterioration of the pigment.


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